The Mushaf al-Uthmaani

The Mushaf al-Uthmaani (radhiyaAllaahu anhu) :


The complete copy of the Mushaf ascribed to the third Khalifa of al-Islaam : Uthmaan ibn ‘Affaan (radhiyaAllaahu anhu) on display in Cairo.

It is a rare , valuable manuscript of the whole Qura’n, written in the ‘Kufi’ script – which was the more famous script at that time.

This is one of the six copies of the Qura’n which were scribed at the time of ‘Uthmaan (radhiyaAllaahu anhu) ; four of them were sent to the major cities of that time while two stayed in Madina.

And this Mushaf was preserved-during Ayyubid dynasty- in the safe of  books of the Sunnah built by the noble judge Adurraheem al-Asqalaanee. Then in the period of the Sultan Abu Nasr al-Ghuri – the last sultan of the Mamluk rule – he moved it to the ‘dome’ he built near his madrasa which he built. And he made for it a skin cover specially decorated for it : and this was in the year 909 Hijri  – almost 847 years after the Mushaf was written .  And it stayed in this skin cover [‘dust jacket’] for  more than three centuries.

This is it :


In 1305 Hijri the Mushaf and its cover was moved to the Imaam Hussein display centre.

And in 1427 it was moved to the Library of Manuscripts, where for the first time it was photographed [page-by-page] and was saved in CD format.


It is in 1087 pages.  In large scale paper which is 57cm x 68 cm.  With every page consisting of 12 lines.


Its height is 40 cm, and it weighs 80 kilograms.



“Verily, We have sent down the remembrance (The Qur’an) and surely We will preserve it.” [Sooratul-Hijr 15:9].

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