The Repentance of Kifl

From Talha, from Ibn Umar (radhiyaAllaahu anhuma) : ‘I heard the Prophet (ȘallaAllaahu ‘alayhi wasallam) narrating an event, and It is not like I heard him once or twice – [the narrator says :] and he mentioned upto seven times – but I have heard him more than that, I heard the Messenger (ȘallaAllaahu ‘alayhi wasallam) saying :

“Kifl used to be a man among the children of Israaeel – and he never withheld from any sins except that he did it, 

so [one time] he approached a young woman and gave her sixty Deenar so that he can fornicate with her.

Thus when he was ready and had sat [with her] the position a man is with his wife; she was appalled and started to cry.

So he said: ‘What makes you cry?  Have I done something to detest you?’

She answered: ‘No. But It is an act which I have never done. And nothing has made me get into it except that I am in need [of the money].’

[In some narrations] So he got off that position,

And he said: ‘You got into this, while you have never done it!  Then go, and whatever I have given you is yours to keep.’

Then he said: ‘No, By Allaah after this; I [Kifl] will never commit a sin against Allaah ever.’

So he died in that same night.

And it happened that on his door [as a miracle] it was inscribed: ‘Certainly Allaah has forgiven Kifl.’

Source : Sunan of Imaam at-Tirmidhee, and he said it is hasan, Mustadrak of al-hakim and he authenticated it. It is also in the Saheeh of Imaam Ibn Hibbaan. And Musnad of Imaam Ahmad.

Lessons :

1. If Allaah wants good for His slave, He makes him repent and return to the truth.

2. It is never too late to repent to Allaah; no matter how many sins you have committed.

3. The true and sincere repentance is a reason – InshaAllaah – of earning the pleasure of Allaah.

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