New Category: Our World, Open Your Mind

This is the first post in a new category titled: Our World, Open Your Mind

These will be posts of issues affecting our daily lives, in other words -as some like to put it-: Current affairs.

Surely Islam has emphasized us to use our minds -in the boundaries of the Shariah- to develop and better ourselves, through knowing what goes around us, to help move the Ummah forward. Whether it is in medical, psychological, political or sociological affairs.

I hope whatever I will post will be beneficial.

Please note that: what will be posted are articles/videos which I deem beneficial and worth looking at. It does’nt in any way mean I fully agree with every idea transmitted, and likewise; you dont have to.

All I am asking from you brother / sister in Islam is to Open Your Mind and think over whatever I will share with you. If there is benefit then grasp it: and better your daily life, if there is’nt benefit then… you didnt lose anything.

BaarakaAllaahu feekum.

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