The Conference

After the break in posting inshaAllaah now we resueme, the break was due to the 24th annual conference by QSS.

MashaAllaah a blessed time of the year, especially this time the shuyukh stayed for almost two weeks, everyday was a day of knowledge.  And what made it more special is that for three of the four shuyukh; it was their first visit to Canada.

I cant detail all the events and benefits, but wallaahi those who stayed away, they have no one to blame but themselves. 

In brief though:

– Sheikh Saalih an-Naami:   MashaAllaah, an example of humbleness and examplary character. You wont imagine this man graduated from Madinah in 1995!  [yes he looks young], and did his magistrate in the Science of  Hadeeth in Lahore Paksitan.

He is an Imaam and Khateeb with the Ministry in Kuwait.   

His lectures are smooth-toned, but mashaAllaah direct and very easy. In my opinion, the best lecture was the one he explained the hadeeth: ‘Fear Allaah wherever you are, and follow up the bad deed with the good one, and conduct yourself with good manners.’   Alhamdulillaah I was translating.    [You can see the recorded video here]    There are advertisements on the site, beware!

Again, the sheikhs’  manners and humbleness.  MashaAllaah.

– Sheikh Abu Islam, Saalih Taha:  As Sheikh Mashhoor titles him: ‘The Khateeb [speech maker] of Ahlus-Sunnah.’   The sheikh is famous for his superior khutbahs and mawaaidha [admonitions/reminders] and raqaaiq [heart-softeners].  He is egyptian but later on moved to Jordan [where he still lives], he is the student of sheikh Abduladhweem Badawi [they are from the same village in Egypt]  and is also one of the students of sheikh Al-Albaani [from whom he benefited from for more than 20 years while in Jordan], sheikh Al-Albaani used to go to his masjid to listen to the khutbahs of the sheikh.  His khutbahs are recorded and can be found here on his website.

The sheikhs’ lectures were all amazing mashaAllaah. An increaase in Eeman and also in the heart-beat rate [literally].   Especially the first three or four:  The Sahaaba,  The Way to Success, The Rectification of The Heart.      [This the page for the archived videos]  I would advise to contact to get the better quality videos.

Sheikh Abdullaah Shreikah ar-Rashidi:  We fell in love with him, and he fell in love with us.  The sheikh has a bachlors and magistrate in Hadeeth from Kuwait University. He is an Imaam with the Ministry in Kuwait. He is also very active in calling non-Muslims, it is said that -alhamdulillaah- more than 80 people accepted Islam through him. Those who listened to his lectures saw the amazing way in which he scholarly rebutted and destroyed the doubts raised against Islam.

The sheikh explained the beautiful book written by the jurist of this century, Imaam Ibn Uthaimeen: Usul at-Tafsir.  A book which is an introduction into the Sciences of the Quran [types of revelation, when was it written, makkan and madani surahs, the abrogated e.t.c] and into the way of making Tafsir.  All the time benefitting us with his experiences with christian priests and replies to the doubts raised against Islam.   Alhamdulillaah the sheikh finished the whole book.  [Recordings are here.  For the edited crystal-clear sound & picture contact QSSc].

Like I said We fell in love with him, and he fell in love with us.  The sheikh said: ‘I have visited so many places, but there is no place which I have said to myself: ‘I have to come back’.    And the sheikh said to us -more than us- : ‘SubhanaAllaah my brothers its like we know each other for ten years.’  

– Sheikh Muhammad Musa Nasr:  He needs no intorduction, you can find his biography here.   One of the main people who benefitted from Imaam Al-Albaani.  An expert in Sciences of Qur’an, and recitation.

Everytime the sheikh visits, our relation and our love becomes stronger. 

As usual the sheikh had a session for Hijaama, and ruqya on those who are possesed. 

The main standing-out point for me was the advices he gave, very strong and sincere.  Second: The sheikh brought with him the new print of his book Ad-Durr an-Nathir fi Ikhtisar Tafsir Imaam Ibn Kathir [A summarization of Tafsir Ibn Kathir, and what makes it stand out is that the narrations are graded as per the grading of sheikh Albaani], I always wanted this book, alhamdulillaah I got one with the ‘autograph’ -as a gift- from the sheikh himself.  A nice one volume with nice print.

Also from the nice moments with the sheikh [other than the personal conversations] was when he spoke about his relation with Sheikh Albaani. 

Alhamdulillaah all-in-all it was beautiful, two weeks with people who are more knowledgable than you by so much, while all the moments they are ready to benefit you, and all the time learning from their conduct.  What more pleasure do you want. 

 [This the page for the archived videos]  I would advise to contact to get the better quality videos.



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3 comments on “The Conference
  1. as-Salam ‘alaikum wa rahmatullah,

    May Allah reward and bless you for this summary of the conference. Please let me know if Shaikh Abu Anas’s book is at the bookstore.

  2. abenefitaday says:

    Walaykum salaam wa rahmatullaahi,

    Yes, only about 20 copies.

  3. Anonymous says:

    JazakAllahu khairan

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