True Status & Nobility…

Sahl ibn Sa’d (may Allāh be pleased with him) narrated:

A man passed by the Prophet (sallahAllaahu alayhi wasallaam) so he said to a man who was sitting with him: ‘What do you think of him?’ 

So he said: ‘A man from the noble ones, by Allaah it is befitting : if he proposes that he will be accepted, and if he intercedes it will be accepted, and if he was to speak he will be listened to!’

So Prophet  (sallahAllaahu alayhi wasallaam) kept quiet. 

Then another man passed by, and Prophet  (sallahAllaahu alayhi wasallaam) said: ‘What do you think of this one?’

He replied: ‘O Messenger of Allaah, he is from the poor Muslims, it is more than likely that: if he proposed he won’t be accepted, and if he intercedes it won’t be accepted, and if he was to speak; his words won’t be listened to.’  

So Prophet  (sallahAllaahu alayhi wasallaam) said: “This one is better than an earth-full of the other one.” 

Compiled by Al-Bukhāri, Muslim, and Ibn Mājah


The Lesson learnt:

This is something which -wallahi- if we constantly remind ourselves of, we would really enjoy life and save ourselves from many ‘headaches.’  And that is:  What matters most is our status infront of Allaah.   

Let your main concern be: ‘What is my position in front of Allaah, not towards the people?’ 

Please let’s read the hadeeth again, and ponder over its meanings, and then let each of us take a look at his own self, then take a look at the world around you.

This hadeeth is one of the fundementals of the outstanding Islamic personality.

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