The Female Narrators


Something to bring a smile, and a source of pride to the sisters, and role-models:

Imaam Adh-Dhahabee said:

“And I have not known of any woman [narrator] who has been accused, or who they [the Imaams of Hadeeth] have abandoned [narrating from her]!!!”

Mizaanul ‘itidaal : 7/465



Imaam As-Suyootee said:

“ Whoever has been declared Dhaif [weak in her narrations] from them [the women]; then it is [only] because of Jahaalah [being unknown].”

Tadreebu-r-Raawee : 1/322

This is a great thing considering the tens of  thousands of  male narrators who are declared weak, fabricators, e.t.c

And also this a reminder of the glorious status of Islam, how the women used to memorize and transmit hadeeth [while observing appropriate hijaab & manners of speech].  

Imaam Dhahabi alone had more than 500 female shaykhs whom he narrated from ! 

Wake up O Muslim women… the Ummah is in need … give precedence to your deen

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