By Allaah, we don’t fear for our Da’wah except from ourselves


For surely I have heard our shaykh, al-Muhaddith Abu Abdurrahmaan al-Wadi’ee [rahimahullaah] more than once saying:


“By Allaah, we don’t fear for our Da’wah; except from ourselves.”


I [shaykh Muhammad al-Imaam] say:  By Allaah the shaykh has detected with a precise detection.

And indeed the Messenger (sallahAllaahu alayhi wasallam) repetitively increased when opening his sermons by saying: ‘…And we seek refuge by Allaah from the evil of our souls and the evil of our deeds…’

Thus our souls –regardless of what good is in them- they are prone to evil.

So , By Allaah this is the era of which it is upon us to search for our [own] defects, shames, and sins: if we really are among those who are seeking to protect this great religion.

And the shaykh [Muqbil] rahimahullaah knows how many adversaries the D’awah has from inside and outside; but still [he is specifying that] their effects cannot be as worse as the effects of the corruption of those who are in charge of the Da’wah.  

So let each one of us be concerned with what is in his soul, and let him weigh his statements and actions and his hidden and apparent; by the scale of the shari’ah.

And Allaah is the Helper.


Source: At-Tanbeeh al-hasan fi mawqif muslim minal fitan, by shaykh Muhammad al-Imaam.

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