Assalaamu alaykum,

InshaAllaah everything is well with everyone.

I will be resuming putting up new posts from tonite inshaAllaah, 

and as usual after a break, we resume with a picture which I think is needed -as in the message it contains- for all of us. 

This picture is quite striking, take a good look at it.

The message though is very critical at the moment, especially with all the trials undergoing in the lands of the Muslims specifically.

And also I -in my humble opinion- believe that each one of us is in need of some love. Giving or recieving.

So, grow some inshaAllaah.

Yes grow it; plant it in the heart, water it with truthfulness, make sure it gets enough sunlight of sincerity, and inshaAllaah the fruit will be attractive and positive love -to those who deserve it.


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