Millennial Parenting

Yesterday as I was reading this featured article in one of the major internet news sites, I found this paragraph quite captivating [in a funny, sad, realsitic way.  dont ask me how those can combine!].

The article is on the growing (and now established) phenomena of uni. and college graduates ending up at McDonalds / Walmart (if lucky), and how they are moving back-in as a burden to their parents.

Yet a good number of them are still so optimistic in that illusion [or is it a nightmare]: that the degree is the only way to success, before you graduate that multi-million $ corporation is going to snatch you, the dream home is months away after that, ofcourse before that you also fulfill that dream of  the ‘make-the-heads turn’ car, in two years you pay off that 50,000+$ student loan easily [thats for those who went to the average school], dream vacation in december, your soulmate comes to you like a magnet, the family……..

You know. The Dream.

Anyway, i liked this quote, it summarizes the problem most people are suffering from:

‘Some scholars attribute such hard-wired optimism to the way that the parents of 20-somethings raised them. Morley Winograd and Michael D. Hais co-author books about millennials (typically defined as the generation born between 1982 and 2003).

“Millennials were raised the way Bill Cosby told parents to raise their kids — set rules, show encouragement, don’t use physical discipline, build up a child’s self-esteem,” explains Winograd. “If you tell someone from zero to 13 that they’re always doing a nice job and that they’re really special and wonderful, they’ll wind up believing they are.”

end of quote.


So true:  you see it.

So sad: that they cant come out of the bubble, or is it a box.


[I never liked the Cosby show anyways.] 


In reality I  -and many others d0- say alhamdulillaah who blessed and favoured us with parents who were realistic, down-to-earth, taught us life as it is, and never made us feel better than we are; let alone let us be dreamers, gave us a good beating when needed [prescribed with the correct dosage], took the Islamic way of upbringing, and they never watched Cosby!


Please spread for the benefit of future fathers and mothers, and as a reminder of the existing ones.

Enjoy what you have and make the most of your potential, Be grateful to Allaah.

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