Poetry of The Salafi Jinn

Abu Muhammad ibn Maasi said: ‘Abu Muslim al-Kajji narrated to us:

“I went out and found that the hammam [the public bath] was open in the early morning.

So I said to the person in-charge: ‘Has anyone entered yet?’

And he answered: ‘No.’

So I entered, and immediately I opened the door, a speaker said to me:

Aboo Muslim aslim taslim [Abu Muslim submit and you will be saved]!!’

And then he started reciting poetry saying:

لك الحمد إما على نعمة
‘For You [Allaah] is all the praise; either for the favours,
وإما على نقمة تدفع
Or for the afflictions you prevent;

تشاء فتفعل ما شئته
You Wish and You do as You will,

وتسمع من حيث لا سمع
And You hear what cannot be heard.’

He [Aboo Muslim] said: ‘So I hastened and left while I am shocked.

And I said to the caretaker of the hammam: “Didn’t you say that there is nobody in it!!?”

So he said: ‘ Ah, that is a jinn, time after time he reaches out [communicates] to us and speaks by lines of poetry!’

Thus I said: ‘Have you memorized any of his poetry?’

He replied: ‘Yes.’

And he then read to us:


أيها المذنب المفرط مهلا
O you transgressing sinner: Slow down,
كم تمادى وتكسب الذنب جهلا
How long have you ignorantly transgressed and acquired sins;

كم وكم تسخط الجليل بفعل
How many of the actions have you done to anger The Noble?

سمج وهو يحسن الصنع فعلا
Disgustingly, while thinking he is doing good!

كيف تهدا جفون من ليس يدري
How can the eyelids close and be calm; of the one who does not know,

أرضي عنه من على العرش أم لا
Is The One Above the throne pleased with him or not.”


End of narration.

Shaykh Al-Albaanee said: ‘The chain of this story is authentic; all its narrators are Thiqaah. ’
The major scholar and Haafidh (memorizer), the leader of narrators of his era, Abu Muslim Ibraahim ibn Abdullaah al-Basree al-Kajji, the author of ‘Sunan’ ; he passed away in the year 292. And he had met Abu Aasim al-Answaaree, and lived long. [200-292 H].

Source: Mukhtaswar al-‘Uluww al-‘Aliyy Al-Ghaffar , of Imaam Adh-Dhahabee.




– Affirmation of the correct creed regarding the Noble Attributes of Allaah like: His Will, His Hearing, His Knowledge, His Anger, His Pleasure, and most importantly Al-Istiwaa [Him being Above the throne]. This is the correct creed; the creed of the Salaf, the Ahlul Hadeeth, The Ahlul Athar.
– The presence of good believing jinns, who are upon the correct aqeedah.   Just as there are others who are shia rawaafidh and others kaafirs e.t.c…

– The good believing jinn (just like the good believing human) does not harm the fellow good believer, rather he benefits him.  As you see the beautiful advise and admonition given the jinn in his poetry.

– Isn’t this just beautiful:


O you transgressing sinner: Slow down,

How long have you ignorantly transgressed and acquired sins;

How many of the actions have you done to anger The Noble?

Disgustingly, while thinking he is doing good!

How can the eyelids close and be calm; of the one who does not know…

Is The One Above the throne pleased with him or not?

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3 comments on “Poetry of The Salafi Jinn
  1. Ilm Digest says:

    Beautiful, just beautiful, masha’Allah!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Brother, when I try to investigate what are the considerations of these sincere believers, I found myself in heedlessness and ignorance. Allah may guide all of us and increase our tafakkur.

    • abenefitaday says:

      true said, that is the same feeling I get.

      yet, we should try to use this as a motivation to become better and better…

      as the poet said: ‘even if you can’t be like them…at least resemble them…’

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