The Zaahid [practiser of Zuhd]

It was said to Yahya ibn Mu’adh:  ‘What is the description of the Zaahid?’

He said :  ‘The Zaahid [practiser of Zuhd] :

his food is what he finds,

and his home is wherever he attains,

and his cloth is what covers his awrah,

and the world his prison,

poverty his resting-place,

seclusion his sittings,

shaytaan his enemy,

The Qur’an his pleasure,

Allaah his main goal,

Dhikr his friend,

Zuhd his companion,

wisdom his weapon,

silence his speech,

pondering his intellect,

knowledge his driver,

patience his pillow,

repentance his bed,

certainty his partner,

advise his greed,

the truthful ones his brothers,

reliance on Allaah his profit,

worship is what he is busy with,

fear of Allaah his provision,

piety his comfort,

intellect his minister,

this life is his travel,

the days are his stages,

Paradise his destination,

and Allaah The Most Majestic The Most Mighty is who he depends on..’



az-Zuhd of Imaam al-Bayhaqee : no.85


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