15th of Sha’baan

Narrated by Muadh bin Jabbal (radhiyaAllaahu anhu) that the Prophet (sallaahAllaahu alayhi wasallam) said:

“Allaah looks over at his creation on the fifteenth night of Shabaan and forgives everyone but for two people: a mushrik (polytheist) and a mushaahin (one who has a grudge with somebody else).”

Shaykh Albani said this hadith is  saheeh in his Silsilah Sahiha no. 1144 & 1563, where he listed all the supporting, different chains of narration.

He then put some notes explaining: 

A mushrik: anyone who associates anything else with Allaah in His Essence, or His Attributes, or in worship.

A mushaahin:  Ibn Atheer said: he is the person who has enmity, grudges, animosity (with others).”

The night of the 15th is two days away, this was a reminder and a message to everyone inshaAllaah.

If there is anyone whom I have mistreated, injured, insulted or hurt in anyway; then please forgive me. And if you would like to pursue and ask for your right of requittal then please contact me.

As for me, I dont have anything against anyone inshaAllaah.

I am sincerely saying this to everyone. Hoping to be from those who are forgiven, and also in acting upon the hadeeth (which is greatly frightening):

“Whoever has wronged his brother with regard to his honour or something, let him  ask him for forgiveness before the time when there will be neither dinar nor dirham, and if he has any  good deeds it will be taken from him in proportion to the wrong he did, and if  he does not have any good deeds, some of the other person’s evil  deeds will be taken and given to him to bear.” (Bukhaari)

May Allaah purify our hearts and actions.


NOTE:  There is no special prayer, fast, or du’a for the night of 15th of sha’baan.  There is nothing authentic narrated.

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