Be Smarter: Maximize Your Laylatul Qadr

Allaah says: “The night of Al-Qadr (Decree) is better than a thousand months (i.e. worshipping Allâh in that night is better than worshipping Him a thousand  months, i.e. 83 years and 4 months).”

And this is what almost all of the scholars of tafseer have agreed upon, that the verse teaches us that any good deed done on this night is equal to more than a thousand months = more than 30,ooo days. This was said by Ibn Abbaas, Mujaahid, ‘Ataa, Qatadah, and those after them frm the scholars like Ibn Jarir at-Tabari, al-Farraa, Ibn Qutaybah, Sam’aani, Baghawi, Ibn Jawzi, Qurtubi, Ibn Kathir, Suyuti, Shawkaani, Sa’di and others.

And of course -alhamdulillaah-  you know that it is in these last ten days, especially the odd nights, that is why we increase in doing acts of good like the (loong) night prayer, more dhikr, Qur’an, knowledge, charity.


So inshaAllaah everyone should be smart enought to work for his own soul, and have hope of the reward in the Day of  Judgement.

But we can be smarter.



Alhamdulillaah the night prayer and the Quran is good,  but there is one side which is also important, easy, and very attractive (in reward), and doesn’t require much of an effort inshaAllaah.


We can be smarter.


Instead of giving out sadaqah (charity) on one day or two,  spread it over the duration of ten days -especially the odd nights 21, 23, 25, 27, 29- .


Meaning:   Yes, giving out 10$ or 100$  is a great deed alhamdulillaah,  but  be smarter :   give out 1$ a day (which will equal to 10$ for ten days) 0r 10$ every day (which will equal to 1o0$ for ten days). Or any amount you can.


This way you are guaranteed of having given charity on Laylatul Qadr!


And of course remember -any good deed done on this night is equal to more than a thousand months = more than 30,ooo days-  so if you gave 1$ each night (and for sure one of these nights is going to be laylatul Qadr) it is as if you gave more than 30,000 $, and the one who gave out 10$ on Laylaatul Qadr is as if he gave out 300,000$ ( inshaAllaah ).   And the one who gave 50$ each night is equal to have given 1.5 Million $.

Attractive isn’t it.


Say Alhamdulillaah.


Just a reminder -from your brother/son-.


By the way many people say Laylatul Qadr is like 1000 months, No its not.   Its actually BETTER  /  More  than a  1000 months.  Read the verse.


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