Khomeini & His Shia [Group]

After a lengthy exposition on the shia raafidha [the twelvers / ithna ashari] it is quite dumbfounding that some people still have doubts!

So I will re-post some of the material which I had on another blog which I have lost the passwords.

And to be fair, everything will be backed by proof from the shia books. In fact scans [most of them coloured!] from thier own books.


To start it off:

It is commonly known and accepted that Khomeini  “the revolutionist , the hero”  the leader of the shia ; was their spiritual leader and their highest authority in their religion , as well as their ‘Islamic’ governement.

So we thought we should begin to clarify what he stood for, And in consequence this is really what the rest of his followers ‘the twelver shias’  [i.e. aout 80% of all shias in the world] are upon.

what were his beliefs ? ,

do you know his their creed ?

what did he preach ?

was he really an ayatollaah :  ‘ a sign from Allaah’ ?

Please fasten your seatbelt , and brace yourselves ; I hope this journey would be less bumpy as you expected. And yes maybe you should get that vomit bag ready.

Just a suggestion. No offence.

Most of the images and material which will be posted , I found it in one beneficial website of some brothers whom I dont know, and I have never met, but All perfect praise is for Allaah : they are doing a great job in serving the truth.



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