The Presentation of Your Deeds to the Imam!

In another definition of how they give the Imaams a lordly status, and give them some attributes which Ahlu-Sunnah [true Muslims] only affirm for Allaah,  and in another examplification of the extremisim and invalidation of the false creed of the Shia  rejectionist:  look , or read what the destructed one Khomeini says in his book [al-Ma’d fi nadhar khomeini]  :

The Chapter is titled :

‘Display of the scripts of the deeds to the person of the era [the Imaam Mahdi]‘

he says :

“the scripts of the deeds are presented to the person of the era -the Imaam – two times in a week.”


SubhanaAllaah, is he God that he [the Imam] has to see all of our deeds and actions?  Or he will also decide who goes to Paradise or not!!???

This is only Allaah’s work,  the Prophet (sallahAllaahu alayhi wasallam) clearly said -explaining why he fastd every monday&thursday that:

“The actions (of humans) are presented to Allah (every) Monday and Thursday, and I like it that my actions are presented whilst I am fasting.” [Saheeh, narrated by Refer to Saheeh al-Jaami’ No.2956]

But Khomeini & his shia say they are presented to al-Mahdi !?

And for you is the proof  from Khomeini’s book:  click on the link


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