Listening to recordings: A way of true knowledge?

Sheikh Muhammad ibn Saalih al-Uthaymeen was asked: ‘Does listening to the tape recordings considered a way from the ways of knowledge?  And what is the exemplary way to benefit from them?’


He answered: ‘As for the recordings being a means from the means of attaining knowledge; this is something no one can have doubt in.

And we don’t become ungrateful to the bounties of Allaah on us; like these recordings which we have benefitted a lot of ‘ilm (knowledge) through them.

They bring to us –in any place we are- the statements of scholars. We are in our homes and there could be a great distance between us and this scholar, but it becomes easy on us to listen to his words; through this recording.

This is a bounty of Allah on us, and it is in fact a proof for us or against us. Indeed knowledge has spread far and wide through these recordings.

As for how to benefit from them: This depends on the individual, some can benefit while he is driving, and some they listen to them while he is having his lunch or dinner or just drinking his coffee.  The point is that ‘how to benefit from them’ depends on every individual’s condition, and we cannot give a general guidline.”

Majmoo fatawaa, tariq tahsil al-‘ilm: pg.44


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