Facts on The Most Knowledgable Woman

‘Aisha the Siddiqa daughter of the Siddiq.


The number of hadeeth our mother ‘Aaisha narrated reach up to 2210 hadeeth.


174 hadeeth are agreed upon by Bukhaari and Muslim.

The hadeeth which Bukhaari narrated alone (and are not the same as in Saheeh of Imam Muslim) amount to 45 hadeeth.

The hadeeth which Muslim narrated alone equal 69 hadeeth.

So altogether in the two Saheeh compilations there are 284 hadeeth narrated by ‘Aaishah.


The rest are in the other books of hadeeth compilation.


Imaam adh-Dhahabee said: ‘And I do not know any women of the Prophet (Sallallaahu ‘alayhi wasallam) – or of any other women [of the world] – who is more knowledgeable than her.’

Al-Haafidh Ibn Hajar said:  ‘… A great amount of knowledge has been narrated from her –of the legislations and the etiquettes- to the extent that it is said a quarter of all the Islamic legislations are narrated from her…’ [1]

[1] Fath-ul-Baari (11/70)

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One comment on “Facts on The Most Knowledgable Woman
  1. Proud Muslimah says:

    Great article, MashaAllah.

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