Al-Qaasim ibn Muhammad; The Imam.


He is Al-Qaasim ibn Muhammad ibn Abu Bakr as-Siddeeq

The grandson of Abu Bakr as-Siddeeq, His father is Muhammad ibn Abu Bakr.


Al-Imaam, the role-model, together with Saalim and Ikrimah; he was the scholar of Madinah during his time.

His kunya was Abu Abdullaah and Abu Abdurrahman.


He was born during the caliphate of Ali (radhiya Allaahu anhu), thus he did not meet his father.


Ibn Sa’d said: His mother is called Sawda.

He was brought up in the house of his paternal aunt: ‘Aisha the mother of the believers. And he absorbed so much knowledge, and narrated a lot from her.



Those he took knowledge from:

‘Aisha, Faatima bint Qays, Abu Huraira, Ibn Abbaas, Ibn Umar, her grandmother: Asmaa bint Umays, Raafi’ ibn Khadij, Abdullaah ibn Amr, Mua’wiya, Abdullaah ibn Khabbaab, and others.


Those who took knowledge from him:

His son: Abdurrahmaan, Ash-Sha’bi, Nafi’ al-Umari, Saalim ibn Abdullaah, Abu Bakr ibn Hazm, Ibn Shihaab az-Zuhri, Ibn Abi Mulayka, Ayyub Sakhtiyaani, Ja’far ibn Muhammad, Yahya ibn Sa’eed al-Ansari, Abu Zinaad, Handhala ibn Abu Sufyan, Abdullah ibn Abu Zinaad, Saalih ibn Kaysaan, and many others.


His memory:

Ibn ‘Awn said: Al-Qaasim, Ibn Sireen, and Rajaa ibn Haywa used to narrate ahadeeth with the same wordings that was narrated to them.


His Description:

Muhammad ibn Khaalid az-Zubayr said: ‘I was sitting with Abdullah ibn Zubayr when al-Qaasim ibn Muhammad sought permission to enter, and he was given permission. When he entered, Abdullaah asked:  ‘What is it?’ He said: ‘So-and-so passed away,’ and he mentioned what happened. When he left, Abdullaah was looking at him and then he said: ‘Abu Bakr as-Siddeeq hasn’t given birth to anyone with more similitude to him than this young man.’


His Praise:

Imaam Bukhari said: Ali narrated to me from Sufyan from Abdurrahman ibn al-Qaasim –who was the best person of his time-, that he heard his father Qaasim –and he was the best person of his time- saying: I heard Aisha saying: ‘I applied perfume on the Prophet (sallahAllaahu alayhi wasallaam)…. To the end of the hadeeth.

This is enough of praise, that these great scholars of hadeeth described him as the best person of his time.



Ibn Wahb said: One time Imaam Maalik mentioned al-Qaasim ibn Muhammad, and he said: ‘He was one of the fuqahaa (jurists) of this Ummah.’  Then Maalik narrated to me that once Muhammad ibn Sireen had an excuse and did not go for Hajj, so he used to command those going for hajj to look at al-Qaasim and how he conducts himself in hajj and that they inform him about that; so that he can follow his guidance.


Abdurrahman ibn Abi az-Zinaad narrated from his father who said: ‘I haven’t seen anyone more knowledgeable of the Sunnah than al-Qaasim ibn Muhammad.  And it used to be that a man is not considered a real man unless he is knowledgeable of the Sunnah.’



Some of his Sayings:

Yahya ibn Sa’id narrated that he heard al-Qaasim ibn Muhammad saying: ‘For a man to die ignorant after knowing the rights of Allaah upon him, is better than him speaking without knowledge.’


And al-Qaasim himself used to practise this:

Hishaam ibn Ammaar narrated from Imaam Maalik who said: ‘One time al-Qaasim visited one of the governors of Madinah and the governor asked him about something, and he replied: ‘From the ways a person honours himself is for him not to speak in what he does not know.’



Khalifa ibn Khayyat said: He passed away in the end of the year 106 Hijri, or the beginning of 107 Hijri

Ibn al-Madeeni, al-Waqidi, and Yahya ibn Ma’een said: The year 108 Hijri. And al-Waqidi added: ‘He was 70 years old.’

And it was said: He passed away in Qadeed, and he said during his last moments: ‘Shroud me in my clothes which I used to pray in.’


And he advised the people not to build on his grave.

This shows how much the pious predecessors used to warn against the danger of building upon graves and over-glorifying the dead, it leads to Shirk (associating partners with Allaah).

May Allaah have mercy on all of them.


Main source: Siyar of Imam Dhahabi





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