Facts about Saheeh Al-Bukhari (Sahih al-Bukhari Course Class Notes)

These are notes from one of the students,
Facts about Saheeh Al-Bukhari:

• A collection of 9082 Ahadith
• 2602 Ahadith without repetition
• The book was compiled from 600,000 ahadith and selected
• ALL the ahadith are SAHEEH (authentic) (NO weak ahadith)
• He only collected from the best of the best (meaning that if there was any flaw whatsoever in his memory or religion whatsoever)
• To summarize, the three criteria of hadith selction were: Fully connected Chains, Good Muslim(ah), Good/Precise Memory (Excellent Memory)
• It’s not just a book of ahadith (the book begins with ayaat of Qur’an)
• It must be noted that ahadith are numbered different due to diffferent publishers (NOT a change in the actual content)
• The book has no introduction as such (moves straight to the material)
• Sometimes ahadith are repeated, with only the relevant sections of the narration so as not to overwhelm the reader
• Began writing when he was 22
• It took Imaam Bukhari 16 years to compile the book
• Finished when he was 38
• The last 24 years of his life he was teaching it
• He tripled checked his book, as if he wrote it three different times
• Before any hadith was selected, Imaam Bukhari would pray 2 raka’at of istikhaarah
• The book has 97 Books inside (like chapters)
• Each book has sub-chapters called ‘abwaab’

What makes this book special is the combination of all these things mentioned and just how incredibly precise the selection process was. Also it is the fear of Allaah Imaam Bukhari had in writing anything down along with his carefulness. This included writing the hadith down three times and selectively choosing from those who feared Allaah the most and were of the highest caliber of memory.

All students are welcome to add…

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One comment on “Facts about Saheeh Al-Bukhari (Sahih al-Bukhari Course Class Notes)
  1. Murtaza Rangwala says:

    – first started writing the book in the Prophet’s masjid
    – most repeated Hadith is 22 times
    – the chapter names teach you the fiqh of Bukhari
    – before putting a Hadith in his book, either he made wudhoo or made a full ghusl, then prayed 2 rakaats of istikhaarah

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