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Ask history about…

Ask history about the Shia Raafidha Ithna ashari: Surely their actions are many and cannot be encompassed here:   1. Ask history: who is the one who abandoned Husayn ibn ‘Alee (radhiyaAllaahu anhuma) and handed him – such that he

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Oh, Canada !

for those who have’nt seen this, and other  recent developments. Just wanted to share: found it while going through aljazeera english: (and of course the views expressed in the article are solely the author’s )                                    

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Millennial Parenting

Yesterday as I was reading this featured article in one of the major internet news sites, I found this paragraph quite captivating [in a funny, sad, realsitic way.  dont ask me how those can combine!]. The article is on the growing (and now

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A picture paints a 1000 words they say

  Tell me what do you see in this picture, comment:  … This is the parable of a Muslim and the shayateen preying on him.  This is what I see. …

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New Category: Our World, Open Your Mind

This is the first post in a new category titled: Our World, Open Your Mind These will be posts of issues affecting our daily lives, in other words -as some like to put it-: Current affairs. Surely Islam has emphasized

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Loose Change

First post in the Our World, Open Your Mind category, This is a must see for every one. If you havent seen it. No one can deny that what happened in New York on that day has changed so many

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