Can I Ask For That…? Yes, Everything.

Excerpt from the book: “The Accepted Du’a”

Chapter: The Ettiquettes and Manners Of Du’a

23. Ask For Everything

Major and minor, and this is something many people are heedless about; thus you see they don’t turn to Allaah and ask Him except when the calamities and the problems strike them. As for other than that; then they don’t ask Him, thinking that the matter  is easy and there is no need to ask Allaah for it.

And this is wrong.

What is befitting for the Muslim to ask his Lord every small thing; because if it wasn’t for Allaah to make it easy: it would never be easy. For example if Allaah didn’t make eating or clothing easy; the human  would never be able.


The Prophet  (صلى الله عليه وسلم)  said: “Ask Allaah for everything –even the strap of the sandal-: for if it wasn’t for Allaah The Exalted to make it easy [and accessible]: it would never be easy.”[1]


His saying: ‘even the strap of the sandal (shoe)’, Shows that what is better and of more value and more importance than it; is foremost to be asked for.


[1] Ibn Sunni in ‘Amal al-yam wal-layla’:356, Albaani said it is weak; as in Dha’ifa: 1362.  But it is authentic as a statement of A’isha, see ‘Amal al-yam wal-layla’:357, al-Haythamee said: ‘its narrators are trustworthy those of the Saheeh [bukhaari/muslim] except Muhammad ibn Ubaydullaah who is reliable.’  Al-majm’a: 10/150.

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