Sheikh Saalih al-Fawzaan on Modern day Jarh wa Ta’deel (New)

Sheikh Saalih al-Fawzaan on Modern day Jarh wa Ta’deel (Knowledge of praising and disparaging narrators):


Question: May Allaah give you good, some brother describe a scholar that he is ‘the carrier of the banner of Jarh wa Ta’deel’, the one whom he disparages; then he becomes disparaged!  They [claim that by] using the proof that he does not disparage without evidence, hence it becomes incumbent to follow him in that?


Answer: Jarh wa ta’deel is in the isnad [chain of transmission] and science of hadeeth, and its people are dead. None of them remains.

We dont know anyone from the scholars of Jarh wa ta’deel!

But there could be from the scholars of backbiting and tale-carrying. This is what is present from those who disparage people and backbite them, this is not Jarh wa Ta’deel!


Jarh wa ta’deel is in the science of isnad, this it had its people, they are all finished, dead….. Allaah knows best… I dont know anyone…

But maybe there could be one who reads the books of jarh wa ta’deel and benefits from them.

As for saying: ‘this one is from the scholars of jarh wa ta’deel’, this is a huge statement which does not apply to one who just reads the books, this one is not from the scholars of jarh wa t’adeel, but it can be said: ‘so-and-so he has gone through books of jarh wa ta’deel’, Yes.





I say: And of course the Sheikh is not against knowlege-based refutations and criticims.  That is clear Alhamdulillaah.

He is pointing out how people are using ‘jarh wa ta’deel’ in an incorrect perspective.


May Allaah join the hearts of the Muslims upon the correct methodology, and make us brothers upon correct Islam.




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