Ask history about…

Ask history about the Shia Raafidha Ithna ashari:

Surely their actions are many and cannot be encompassed here:


1. Ask history: who is the one who abandoned Husayn ibn ‘Alee (radhiyaAllaahu anhuma) and handed him – such that he was killed and beheaded……

Aren’t the Shia raafidha the ones!???


2. Ask history: where did the Qaraamita sect appear from –those who killed- the people performing Hajj in the courtyard of the Ka’bah in the Grand Masjid in the year 317 H. And they buried the more than 3000 pilgrims –they killed- into the well of Zamzam !  And they stole the Black stone and disappeared with it for 21 years….!!!!

Didn’t they spring out from the veil of the shia raafidha?


3. Ask history: who are the ones who established for the disbelieving Ubaydiyya; a state in Egypt under Alee ibn Ubaydullaah ibn Muhammad al-Mahdee –who is from the progeny of the jews- and he had falsely and deceivingly claimed that he is from the progeny of Faatima (radhiyaAllaahu anha)!

Aren’t the Shia raafidha the ones!???


4. Ask history: who are the ones who tried to exhume the grave of the chosen one (sallahAllaahu alayhi wasallam)- TWICE– wanting to move it to the lands of Egypt!! And this was in the beginning of the fifth century Hijri.

Aren’t the Ubaydiyyun raafidha the ones!!???

5. Ask history: who are the ones who built tombs to be worshipped instead of Allaah, and who are the one who built a shrine for Husayn in Egypt – and claimed that his head is in there?

Aren’t the Ubaydiyyun raafidha the ones!!???

And the raafidha haven’t ceased upto this day; visiting it and worshipping it!!


6. Ask history: who are the ones who brought down the Abbasid state; by deceiving the Khalifah –Mu’tassim billaahi in the year 656H- and entered the Tatars into the lands; such that they killed over a million Sunnis!!

Isn’t it Muhammad ibn Ahmad al-‘Alqami  the shia raafidhee? With the help of Nasirudden al-Toosee the raafidhee!!??


7. Ask history: about the Safavid Iranian republic how it came about? Under the rule of its founder Shah Ismail ibn Haydar the Safawi Raafidhee, and ask what he did to the Ahlus-Sunnah. Didn’t he kill almost a Million Sunnis!!??

They didn’t have any crime nor any sin except that they did not believe in the shia raafidhee ideology!!


8. Ask history: about those who give precedence to Karbala over Makkah, rather even over the Sacred house of Allaah!!

Aren’t the Shia raafidha the ones!???


9. Ask recent history on what the shia raafidha did during Hajj in Makkah the Sacred; of the actions of destruction and spreading of chaos!!?


10. And from that which is greater: Ask history, who are the ones who make takfeer of the companions of the Prophet (sallahAllaahu alayhi wasallam)- the carriers of this religion!!?

And they falsely accuse the Mother of the Believers –‘Aisha the daughter of the truthful one (may Allaah be pleased with her)- the wife of our Prophet in this world and the here-after!!?

Aren’t the Shia raafidha imaamiyaa the ones!???


11. Ask now, who is helping bashhar assad in butchering innocent Sunni Muslims ?


So take heed O people of intellect !


Everyone of the mentioned incidents is well-documented in books of history, inshaAllaah if I have time I will write on each of them in detail.

Alhamdulillaah for Islam and the Sunnah.


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