A Mistake = Out of Salafiyya ! Imam Ibn Uthaymeen

Everytime a person makes a Mistake we take him out of Salafiyya!   Imam Ibn Uthaymeen

Question: May Allaah bless you,  one of the recognized students of knowledge spoke against this book ‘Aqeedatu Safaareeniyya’, remarking that it is not from the aqeedah [creed] of Ahlu Sunnah and that he [Safaareeni] was from those who delved into kalaam (philosophy / rhetoric), is this true?

Answer:  There is no doubt that every human has mistakes, except those whom Allaah wants.  Safaareeniyya [this poem on aqeedah] has some words which we criticize, but if it is just one criticized issue in a thousand issues, is it to be declared: This man has left the realm of Ahlu Sunnah wal Jama’ah?  Or he has is out of the fold of Salafiyya!?

We dont know -but the reality could be that- the one who declared this is the one who has left Salafiyya! This is because the Salaf overlook and immerse the few mistakes which arise from a person into the so much correctness he has. They judge by justice.

As for judging with transgression; that when a person makes a mistake in an issue -such that he followed the path of innovators in this issue-  right away we declare: ‘He is amongst them’, ‘He is Ash’ari’, ‘His statements should not be taken’,   This is Not the way of the Salaf, the Salafu-Saalih [Pious Predecessors] look between the good and mistakes, and then judge with fairness.

This aqeedah is Salafi [affirming the creed of the pious predecessors], but there is no doubt that there are some mistakes.”

Source: Sharh [Explanation] of Aqeedah Safaareeniyya by Imam Ibn Uthaymeen



I say:  Dont we have good examples in our Sheikhs whom we deem as our Imams in this era; Ibn Uthaymeen, Bin Baz, Albani, al-Amin Shanqiteee e.t.c.

This is the way of Ahlu Sunnah, Salafiyya,  Justice and Fairness.



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